Required Advanced Planning Capturing History: Using Podcasts and Wikis Day 1

With our first session of Capturing History: Podcasts and Wikis a few weeks away we would like to welcome you to the workshop and provide you with directions for the required advanced preparation that you will need to complete before we meet on Day 1. The first session will focus mainly on providing you with the skills and materials you will need to create your own podcast. In order to focus the workshop on the technical aspects of creating your podcast, we ask that you come prepared with approximately 5 minutes (a bit more or less is fine) of material to record. In other words, you must be ready with a script to record during the first session. Consider your students as your audience. The document linked below provides more detail regarding the required advanced preparation. Please be sure to review this document at your earliest convenience so as to be prepared for the workshop. I believe that you will find that your existing curriculum is rich with materials to podcast.