US History Podcasts on the Web With a partner, browse and listen to some of the podcasts linked below. As you listen note answers to the following:

1) What can you/your students gain from this podcast? Think about learning objectives and styles, curriculum applications, and skills.

2) What are the strengths of the podcast? Weaknesses?

3) Is listening to this podcast/creating a similar podcast a useful educational activity? Explain.

4) What features of this podcast might you want to remember to use in your own podcast?

Podcasts Produced by Teachers, Museum Educators, and Historians

Source for over 70 Podcasts on history topics including: “Great Speeches in History Podcast,” “Think Global Podcast,” “The Founding Documents Podcast.”

Speaking of History
Join Eric Langhorst - an 8th grade American history teacher in Liberty, Missouri - as he uses 21st Century technology to teach the amazing story of our nation’s history.

AP US History Podcast
This AP US History podcast provides overviews of important events and issues covered in a high school Advanced Placement course, as well as procedural information on the structure of the class.

Teaching American History: Podcasting in Action
This is a collection of oral history podcasts created by participants in the Lane ESD Teaching American History Grant. Selections are suitable for elementary, middle and high school students.

Historians on the Record: Podcasts from the Gilder Lehrman Institute for American History
Podcasts by notable historians on topics from their recent books.

American Experience Podcasts
Scroll down to “Past Episodes” to access podcasts related to American Experience episodes.

Talking History
Bryan Le Beau, a history professor is the host and speaks with historians and authors on their research and books. While the radio program stopped broadcasting in 2006, past episodes are available to download.

Making History Podcasts
This series provides interviews of noted historians who speak on their recent research and the process of research and writing history. Click on the links under "Subscribe to MHP."

Voices on Genocide Prevention from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
This series provides interviews of noted historians who speak on their recent research and the process of research and writing history.

Colonial Williamsburg: Past and Present Podcasts
Lloyd Dobyns, a former TV correspondent, is your host as you go "behind the scenes" to meet interpreters, chefs, tradesmen, musicians, historians, curators, and more.

Monticello Podcasts
Links to a collection of audio files on Jefferson, Monticello, and the work of the Thomas Jefferson Foundation.

Americana Phonic
A source for audio narrations of important and interesting American documents.

The Bowery Boys: New York City History
Join the Bowery Boys as they take a weekly romp down the back alleys of New York City history. The old episodes are available as links right on blogspot (see “Our Previous Podcasts”).

Podcasts Produced by Students

Radio SouthEast, Southeast Elementary School, CT
Radio Southeast 6: Community Superhero Representative Denise Merrill. This podcast presents an interview of a local representative.

Radio Owl, Annie E. Vinton elementary School Mansfield Center, CT
Episode 3 Native American Research Project by Grade 4 students -June 2006

The Freedom Trail Foundation
Features third grade students’ podcasts on different sites on the Freedom Trail

Ancestor Stories, Elmwood Elementary School, Hopkinton, MA
Features third grade students’ podcasts on different sites on the Freedom Trail

Penn Manor School District Podcasts
Scroll down the page to access a variety of classroom created podcasts.

WJJL Radio: "Where Education Meets Utilization"
WJJL Radio is a monthly radio show published by 6th graders in Mr. Jaffe’s class at Mill Creek Elementary School in Pennsylvania.

American History Rules
A blog and podcasts for an 8th grade U.S. History Class.

Warren G. Harding Middle School, Philadelphia, PA
A series of student and teacher produced podcasts on history, literature, and current issues.

SMASHcast: Youth in Formation Bringing YOu Information
(Choose a topic from “Recent Podcasts” on the right side of the screen.)

AP History Podcasts
This channel is for students of AP History. The podcasts will serve a useful function in helping students prepare for Unit and Final exams, and ultimately the AP US History Exam.

Military History Podcast
Bringing you the strangest anecdotes, innovative technology, and most significant events of military history. (Produced by a high school student.)

Mr. Engell's Classroom Podcasts
Listen to high school classroom lectures and discussions on U.S. history topics.