US History Wikis on the Web

With a partner, view some of the wikis linked below. As you listen note answers to the following:

1) What can you/your students gain from this wiki? Think about learning objectives and styles, curriculum applications, and skills.

2) What are the strengths of the wiki? Weaknesses?

3) Is viewing or interacting with this wiki/creating a similar wiki a useful educational activity? Explain.

4) What features of this wiki might you want to remember to use in your own wiki?

Wiki Rubric:

A Broken World

Students in a 9th grade history class are writing their own history textbook covering World War I to the Cold War. The teacher has provided detailed instructions and the student's entries are very comprehensive containing images, video, slideshows, text, and primary sources. Broken World


This is a collaborative wiki for upper middle and high school students on the study of race and poetry. The teacher guides the students through online collaboration. Numerous technologies including blogs, google docs, video, and podcasts are integrated on this site.

Turn Homeward, Hannalee, Woodward Academy Fifth Grade Wiki

This is a collaborative wiki created by students in a 5th grade class. The site is based on the historical novel Turn Homeward, Hannalee by Patricia Beatty about a young Georgian girl sent to work in a Yankee textile mill in the final years of the Civil War. The wiki provides extensive context for the book including reader's theatre, an idiom guide, chapter summaries, and historical context.

Triangular Trade Gallery

Part of an High School Online Collaborative Wiki, the Triangular Trade Gallery is one of many wikis edited, created, and revised by high school students. This particular wiki contains a number of primary source images with student analysis and descriptions.

Study Skills Wiki

This wiki provides study skills and tips for middle school students. Edited, created, and revised by students, this site addresses study skills and topics from test anxiety to reading comprehension and learning styles.

Mrs. Shalick's Class Wiki

This is a collaborative wiki for 5th grade book discussion groups. Students respond to teacher created prompts and discussion questions in online discussion groups based on a series of historical fiction books that they have been reading.

Digital Law

High school students have created a wiki on "what it means to be a digital citizen in the 21st Century." This site is very comprehensive and contains a variety of technologies including videos and slideshows.

** Law**

Arbor Heights Elementary School Wiki

This wiki serves as the webpage for the Arbor Heights Elementary School. Viewers can obtain school information and updates. Classrooms are linked to the school wiki. Teachers use these sites to update parents and visitors on classroom activities and the curriculum.

Roland Elementary School Wiki

This Canadian elementary school wiki allows the school and classroom teachers to share information about classes, curriculum, and other activities. Teachers maintain grade level sites.

50 Tools to Create a Web-Based Story

This site provides links to 50 online tools that can be used to create a web-based story or information report. The site provides links and brief annotations for many online software programs.

Saugus Iron Works Project Based Wiki

The Saugus Iron Works Great Adventure is an interdisciplinary unit that includes interactive social studies, science, and technology lessons aligned to Massachusetts curriculum standards for the fourth and fifth grades. The lessons are focused on the oldest iron works in the United States, located in Saugus, Massachusetts, approximately nine miles north of Boston. The lessons within this unit may be used in conjunction with a visit to the Iron Works, but an actual visit is not necessary.

Mr. Lindsey's Classroom Wiki

This wiki is used by a 6th grade class from California. It generally serves as a means of providing information to students and parents. Sites that are edited by students are noted with a student desk icon. Page

History Happening...Shanghai American School Asian History Wiki

This is a teacher and 9th grade student developed wiki on Chinese, Japanese, and Indian history. The site is extensive and contains a variety of primary source images, links, and information.

Mr. Armstrong's U.S. History Wiki

This site for an 8th grade U.S. history class links teacher created instructions and class information with student created sites.

Book Leads Wiki

The Book Leads wiki was created by a middle school library media specialist. It contains reading suggestions, author interviews, book reviews, book blogs, and discussion guides.

Collaboration Nation

The Greatest Middle School Wiki in the World This collaborative wiki created for an 8th grade class is very broad in scope. The sidebar links range from current classroom topics, student projects, how-to sites, and podcasts.


Webster Class Wiki

This wiki is maintained by second and third graders in Mrs. Webster's class in Southern California. The navigation links highlight the curriculum and provide a showcase for student work.

Let's Go West This is a wiki for a 3rd grade class studying Westward Expansion. The student and teacher created site includes a variety of navigation links for many topics related to moving west.

Mrs. Sheftel's Class Wiki This 4th grade class wiki highlights the curriculum, showcases student work, conducts online polls, and provides information for parents.

Mrs. Abernethy's Class Wiki

This 4th grade class wiki is very extensive. Student created and edited information ranges from the Revolutionary War, the U.S. Constitution, book talks, podcasts, and writing prompts.

Temperance Then and Now

Similar to a webquest, this high school U.S. history teacher created site guides students through a variety of primary and secondary source information on the temperance movement. A final assessment guides students to consider the effectiveness of the tactics of the temperance movement and to assess the effectiveness of tactics to combat drinking today.


World War I Visualization Poetry Project

This World War I poetry wiki for a high school class involves teacher instructions, and student created poetry and image posts. It's an example of a short-term project that links the core curriculum and technology.

The Great Debate of 2008 The "Great Debate of 2008" is a collaborative project that provides students in grades 8-12 with an opportunity to lead an exploration and discussion of issues and candidates surrounding the 2008 presidential election.

Salute to Seuss During the month of August through December 2007, students from all around the world used various technologies and Internet tools to showcase one of our favorite authors, "Dr. Seuss!" They used the wiki linked below and various other technologies and internet toolds to share and gather information. ****