Workshop Created Wikis
History 9 Wiki
This is a classroom site created to support the History 9 curriculum which includes elements from the World History I and U.S. History I Massachusetts History and Social Science Curriculum Frameworks.

U.S. History II Research Wiki
This wiki is designed to support students engaged in a research project as related to the U.S. History II curriculum frameworks.

Grade Four Classroom Wiki
This wiki is designed to support a fourth grade team. Frequent updates are provided to keep students up to date and aware of Internet support resources.

Slavery Then and Now
This wiki site is designed to support elements of the World History I, World History II, and U.S. History I Massachusetts History and Social Science Curriculum Frameworks. This site is a jumping off point for a study of the history of slavery and modern day slavery.

Navigating the Oregon Trail: Third Grade Today
In navigating this wiki site students will examine the question: What was life like traveling the Oregon Trail in the 1800s? The content connects to 5.34 Explain the reasons that pioneers moved west from the beginning to the middle of the 19th century, and describe their lives on the frontier: A. Wagon train journeys on the Oregon and Santa Fe Trails B. Their settlements in the western territories.

History 11 Wiki
This wiki is designed to support content and instruction for a high school History 11 (U.S. II and World II) class. The site contains chapter outlines and links to homework, classwork, and supporting learning activities.

Leaders in History
This wiki supports a fifth grade project on leadership the American colonies. This lesson addresses Massachusetts History and Social Sciience Frameworks standard 5.7 Identify some of the major leaders and groups responsible for the founding of the original colonies in North America. A. Lord Baltimore in Maryland B. William Penn in Pennsylvania C. John Smith in Virginia D. Roger Williams in Rhode Island E. John Winthrop in Massachusetts

The Chinese House: Ancient Traditions in Modern China
The purpose of this wiki is to help 7th grade geography students make connections between ancient Chinese traditions and modern Chinese family practices. They will apply what they learn on a field trip to a traditional Chinese house, the Yin Yu Tang House at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Massachusetts.

My Brother Sam Is Dead
This wiki supports a 5th grade U.S. history unit centered around the novel My Brother Sam Is Dead by Christopher Collier and James Lincoln Collier. This wiki provides historical context, a character list, chapter summaries, chapter questions, and a reader's theatre activity.

Israeli/Palestinian Conflict and the Promises Documentary
The purpose of this Wiki/Podcast is to help my students gain a better understanding of the of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict in the Middle East. The Wiki focuses on a documentary film, “Promises,” that we will use in class explore the complex sides to this conflict.

Colonial Trade and Understanding the Middle Passage
The goal of this wiki site for a 5th grade U.S. history class is to allow students to have access to a multimedia experience of the Middle Passage portion of the Triangle Trade routes through the eyes of Olaudah Equiano. The site provides a number of podcasts, short movie clips, images, and primary sources.

Ellis Island: Immigration and Citizenship
This lesson for a 4th grade history class will use different medias to describe the transition from homeland to New World as experienced by immigrants to the United States in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. It will also explore ways in which immigrants gain citizenship in the United States.

Identifying African Cultural Values Through Literature
This lesson for an 8th grade World History I class is part of a broader unit on the African slave trade. The goal of this wiki is to introduce students to African culture through literature.

Immigration to the United States
This podcast and wiki for a 6th grade class are designed to reinforce and review information students have previously learned about immigration to the United States. In examining the essential questions: Why did individuals immigrate to America? What were the push and pull factors that lead to their decisions? students will examine immigration in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.

American Federalism
This wiki is for a 9th grade U.S. History I class. The purpose of this podcast and wiki is to introduce students to the history and principles of American Federalism.

This Reading Life
This wiki is devoted to sharing audio features about life in Reading, Massachusetts, USA. All features included here were produced as part of a journalism project carried out by one section of grade twelve English at Reading Memorial High School. All of the features aim to capture some aspect of life in this suburb located approximately twelve miles north of Boston. Together they represent a record of life in our town in 2009.

American Revolution in Boston: Extra Credit Field Trip Podcast

This podcast is designed for a 9th grade U.S. History I class. It is designed to introduce an extra credit assignment centered around Boston's Revolutionary War history.